Tips for Transferring Data from iPhone to Mac

When you move the data through iTunes software, then you will have to face the usual errors equipped with iTunes. iTunes could be a big hurdle so different modes of transferring images and other data are required. If you want to move documents from iOS devices to Mac without the use of iTunes app of Apple, then you can do it easily.


Here below are the best tips to move the photos from iOS devices to your Mac, with given points to remember:

  1. Backing up is vital

You should store the backup data. Malware, Viruses and others can damage the data existing on your iOS device. Data can be anything from video clips to images. If you don’t’ backup the data, then menacing germs can delete it, and you will not be able to recover it later. Hence, it is said to keep backup data in external points. When you have access to obtain the replacement, then you can easily restore all data without any mishap with data.

The first thing to remember for data transfer is to store the backup data that you don’t desire to lose anyhow in spite of a virus attack on the system. It is because these are not only images or video clips but might be the click of good memoirs in life.

  1. MacX MediaTrans

It can move all types of data from your iOS devices with ease comparatively. By this app, you can use the backup the data on Mac device swiftly. MacX MediaTrans has been lucrative to great extent as compared to iTunes. It is not simple to browse or log into within the iTunes software while MacX MediaTrans splits its featured tools into groups which are quickly identified. It is more instinctive than iTunes. And there will be no chance for malfunctioning while data are transferring. As an alternative to iTunes, you can select your important document to transfer it without sync waiting for iTunes.

Additionally, it can save the optimum storage space in your device by compressing the files. Its unique functionality lies in correcting the format of data automatically after data transfer. Even you can also move the non-iTunes music into your iOS device. When you download MacX MediaTrans on your system then launch it. After that, press the Photo Transfer section, if you desire to move the photo.

  1. Music Manager

To stay away from the sophisticated software of iTunes, you can consider built-in Music Manager of MacX MediaTrans. Once you launch MacX MediaTrans then press the section of Music Manager. This section is consisting of various kinds of stuff that is enough to replace iTunes. Here you can add music of any genre, and you can also change it in the suitable format and hen address it to your device.

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