How to Display Menu bar in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer protects the topmost “menu bar” by default. “Menu bar” has a browser’s primitive lists file, view, Edit, Favorites, etc. Hiding menu bar won’t make the features inaccessible. It will just expand the area browser use for displaying content of a web page. At any point, users can access menu bar and they can also permanently choose to work with it.

Showing the “Menu Bar” in Internet Explorer

Users may expose the menu bar momentarily.

  1. How to temporarily view the menu bar?

Just ensure that the Explorer is an active app. just tap anywhere in the window. Now tap Alt key. Choose any object in the “menu bar”. Check anywhere on the page. It will hide again.

  1. How to set menu bar for remaining visible?

Tap right the title bar that is above URL address bar in the browser. Now tap checkbox that is next to the menu bar. The menu will show till you recheck box for hiding it. Tap Alt and choose View menu. Now select Toolbars and Menu Bar.

  1. Full-Screen Mode’s Effect on the Menu Bar Visibility

Just note down that Internet Explorer is in full-screen mode. The menu bar won’t be visible regardless of the settings. For entering a full-screen mode, tap keyboard shortcut F11. Turn it off by tapping F11. Go in the full-screen disabled mode, the “menu bar” will show when the users have designed It for persisting visibility.

  1. Creating the Clarity of all another secret toolbars

“Internet Explorer” gives a broad scope of “toolbars” other than the “menu bar.” It introduces “Favorites bar” and “Status bar.” Just facilitate distinctness for several of the included toolbar using similar methods that are discussed.

How to Permanently Show the File, Edit and View menu

If you need to have Edit, File and View menu always shown. Go through the steps given below:

  • Tap the Alt key for temporarily displaying File menu.
  • Tap View.
  • Click Toolbars.
  • Tap Menu Bar.
  • Checkmark would show next to Menu bar option. It will now be visible.

Note– If tapping Alt key won’t make menu bar visible then try to press Alt+V. Clicking the keyboard hotkey combination will open menu even if the menu base is hidden.

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