How to prevent unauthorized purchases on Google Play

If you’re sharing your device with others and want to prevent unauthorized purchases from your Google Play account, then setting up authentication for the purchases is the best option. Setting up Authentication means, every time you make a purchase through your Google Play account, it will ask you for a confirmation password or code. Whenever […]

How to record your Mac’s screen without using QuickTime

With macOS Mojave, users also get a new feature for capturing and recording the screen of their Mac. This new tool simplified the process of recording the video of your screen. So, without using the QuickTime player, you can record video of your Mac’s screen as well as take screenshot easily. Here is how to […]

How to stop apps from accessing data of iPhone or iPad

With the Parental Controls, you can block an app from accessing your information like contacts, photos, calendars, location, microphone, Bluetooth sharing, Facebook or Twitter accounts, and advertising settings. To stop app access, first you need to turn on the restrictions. How to turn on restrictions on your iPhone or iPad 1.    Go to ‘Screen Time’ […]

Closing Background Applications On Your iPhone or iPad Will Not Make It Run Faster!

Whatever you might have heard, shutting down applications on the iOS devices will not make them work faster. It is worth noting that iOS supports applications in the background some of the times. And you can handle that with a special method. This hoax is in reality very dangerous. It will not just hang your […]

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