How to record your Mac’s screen without using QuickTime

With macOS Mojave, users also get a new feature for capturing and recording the screen of their Mac. This new tool simplified the process of recording the video of your screen. So, without using the QuickTime player, you can record video of your Mac’s screen as well as take screenshot easily. Here is how to […]

Guide to Fix Error ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE in Google Chrome

This Err_Address_Unreachable error is the ordinary Google Chrome error that can be occurred due to the DNS errors. However, DNS refers to the terms known as Domain Name Servers which usually loading the web pages directly from the host. Sometimes, the DNS error shows an error message which says; ‘Site can’t be Reached’. This Google […]

How Does Apple’s Secure Enclave Protect My iPhone or Mac?

To manage your biometric information, iPhones and Macs ‘Touch ID or Face ID’ make use of a separate processor. In technical terms, it’s known as the Secure Enclave. It’s generally a computer in itself, and it provides many security features. The Secure Enclave boots are entirely different from the rest of your device. It functions […]

Tips for Transferring Data from iPhone to Mac

When you move the data through iTunes software, then you will have to face the usual errors equipped with iTunes. iTunes could be a big hurdle so different modes of transferring images and other data are required. If you want to move documents from iOS devices to Mac without the use of iTunes app of […]

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